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As a result of the STAR Project (Remote Network Management and Automation System), with an investment of €2 billion, more than 10.8 million digital meters have been installed and provide remote management and automation capabilities to 90,000 transformation centres.In the complex world of international development, donors and implementers face a multitude of challenges; including varied stakeholder expectations, pressure to balance the outputs and desired impact within a limited time frame, and the need to deal with changing realities on the ground. With experiences and learnings taken from over 200 projects in our sphere of work, Development Solutions has found an edge when it comes to designing and implementing programs alongside experts and partners to achieve our outlined targets. Over the course of 15 years, we have grown into our role as a solution provider, utilizing our collective aptitude in our priority sectors and delivering a range of comprehensive services.


At Star Project Development & investment , we care deeply about the environment, and we are committed to incorporating environmental, social, and governance considerations in our investment and asset management process.

We are investing in assets that are real, essential, long-lived, and resource intensive, and it is our responsibility to make sustainability and community a focus of our investment process.

As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment, we strive to adhere to the Six Principles and meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We pursue opportunities to enhance environmentally positive features, safety, diversity and inclusivity in our investments.

Through community outreach, workforce and workplace safety, and environmental stewardship, we will strive to reach our goals.