Star Import & Export

Secure compliance and Total Quality Assurance of your shipments with the expertise of Star sani services. Focus on selling your products to your target import and export countries.Conformity Assessment Programmes provide assurance for consumers, brands and companies that products comply with the importing countries regulatory standards. Unsafe and unreliable products can be damaging to consumers’ health or to property as well as there being costs associated with product recalls, compensation claims and the damage to a brand’s reputation.To successfully clear customs in countries where a CAP has been implemented, companies trading with these countries need to conform to the requirements of these programmes. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance, penalties or even shipments being returned.

The Main Objective of Import Export

Companies import goods and services to supply to the domestic market at a cheaper price and better quality than competing goods manufactured in the domestic market. Companies import products that are not available in the local market to enable domestic surplus and encourage good economy growth.

The Benefits of Import Export Business


If your business wants to extend profit margins, importing goods or raw materials is one potential path towards achieving this goal. Importing from offshore sources provides a host of benefits, including lower prices, higher quality goods, and the advantages associated with international trade agreements. Importation can help small and medium businesses develop and expand by reaching larger markets abroad, thereby increasing their market values.

• Exportation

Achieve your business goals by exporting products. Exporting products can be highly beneficial for businesses today as it can increase the profits of medium and large businesses by helping the exporter to satisfy the need in the external countries. This returns the exporter with foreign exchange opportunities and more.